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Birth date: 14th July

Residence: Austria

The age of starting climb: 11

Expertise: Alpine climbing and Polar Environments.



Whats your story?

I started climbing when I was at school. My friends and I didn’t really know what we were doing but we had great fun. We slept in forests close to climbing crags so we could climb early before school. We bought our first rope and started trying longer routes, believing we were safe (because of the rope) but really we were very lucky. We were keen and enthusiastic and wanted to learn. We started to read books about knots and techniques and before long I went seeking longer routes in the high mountains, anything that would sustain the feeling of movement and freedom that climbing brings.


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I like writing, cooking, spending time with friends and riding motorbikes.



What is your favourite aspect of climbing?

The movement, balance and flow. I love it when I’ve been training, I’m feeling fit and strong and it’s my lead on a long route. When I step out off the belay ledge and there is huge exposure beneath my feet and instead of looking down I look up and start climbing. All the negativity in the world is left behind and I’m free. I only have to keep moving, feeling and utilising my body to get to the top.


What’s your most memorable climbing experience?

The French Direct Route, Alpamayo; Peru.

The experience was so surreal. I took a night bus from Lima to Huarez. I went looking for a climbing partner in town. Once I found one we packed our things in the street, bought some food and took a shared taxi to Cashapampa. An old lady let us camp in her garden and the next day we set off to climb the mountain. It felt timeless, there was no modern technology, just wonderful people we kept crossing paths with.


What’s your recent climbing accomplishment?

I recently climbed 2500m of rock in 4 days. That was a lot of pitches!


Where is your favourite climbing place? Why?

I love the European Alps. There is so much variety of climbing, culture and people. I also love Skiing so the European Alps are a great place to be all year around.


What colors do you like best?

Kailas Colours!


Whats your favourite food?



What’s else would you like to share with Kailas Friends?

I have just finished writing my first book.