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Birth date: Feb 24

Residence: Victoria, Australia

The age of starting climb: 10

Expetise: Bouldering, Lead climbing

Website: www.JamesKassay.comOther Interests   



Whats your story?

I started climbing when I was 10 years old and ever since that very first time my life has never been the same. For me, climbing is more than just a past time activity, Climbing is my life. In the last 18 years I have represented Australia proudly 17 times and have completed some of the worlds hardest boulder problems including making the First Accent of The Wheel Of Life Direct V16.


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

When I'm not climbing, I’m either working in my families climbing gym Bayside Rock, planning trips with my partner Claire, Mountain bike riding, hiking, canyoning or running. All the while I'm often documenting with my love of photography and videography.


What is your favorite aspect of climbing?

Climbing is a sport that can be shared with people of all abilities. From the kids I train to my fellow competitors and everyone in between. Having the ability to share such a passion in my every day life motivates me to make the most of the skills I have, to climb as hard as I can whilst having the time of my life while doing it.


What’s your recent climbing accomplishment?

On Rock (Personal Top 5)

Wheel Of Life Direct V16 FA (Grampians, Australia) VIDEO

Wheel Of Life V15 (Grampians, Australia)

Sleepy Rave V15 (Grampians, Australia)

Esperanza V14 (Hueco tanks, America) VIDEO

Sidewaze Daze V13 FLASH (Fontainebleau, France) VIDEO


Competitions (Personal Top 5)

5th IFSC Bouldering World Cup Log Dragomer, Slovenia. 2013

13th IFSC Bouldering World Cup Innsbruck, Austria. 2012 VIDEO

13th IFSC Bouldering World Cup Vail, USA. 2012

1st Australian Bouldering Championships, Sydney. 2012

1st Australian Lead Championships, Tasmania. 2011