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Birth date: 26th August 1982

Residence: Perth, Western Australia

The age of starting climb: 20

Expertise: Sport, Bouldering, Competition climbing

Facebook: Jing-Yun Wong


What’s your story? 

I began rock climbing when a friend took me to a local Perth gym and it allowed me to fill my search for a new challenge after I “retired” from the sport of artistic gymnastics. My participation and work/life balance with climbing has shredded and changed throughout the years. It has grown and developed in accordance with my journey through life. I have and always will enjoy the physical and mental challenges it brings to me and has contributed to a big part of my personal growth. Today I try to train hard in order to maintain strengths as to perform the best I can. Resting and setting myself achievable goals in life and climbing is something I’ve learnt to be flexible with and to aim for true happiness is my number one goal. 

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? 

Baking and cooking, dancing, socialising with family and friends

What is your favorite aspect of climbing? 

The athleticism and technical abilities required whilst problem solving in order to complete a route or problem, social aspects and being out in nature.

What’s your most memorable climbing experience? 

Completing my boulder project out in the Grampians on the same day my friend sent his boulder project :) It was a wonderful feeling to share the experience with a climbing friend!

What’s your recent climbing accomplishment? 

Placing 3rd in the WA Kinetic Boulder competition.

Where is your favorite climbing place? Why? 

Grampians. I was surrounded by lovely friends and was able to enjoy the breathtaking views and quality rock that Grampians was to offer.

What colors you like best? 

Burnt orange, red, sky blue

What’s your favorite food? 

Grapes, hot fresh turkish bread, Sweet potato wedges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What’s else you would like to share with Kailas Friends? 

Keep smiling always! :D